Lt. Dougherty arrived in Hawaii in late October, 1942.  The crew continued training until their first combat mission December 23-24 against Wake Island.  This was the first combat mission of World War II for the 307th Bomb Group.

January 1, 1943 – All participants of the Wake Island Mission were awarded the Air Medal. Afterward Russell received 3 additional awards (oak leaf clusters) to the Air Medal for subsequent actions and missions.

February, 1943 – Russell was ordered from Hawaii to Guadalcanal.  By April 9th, Russell wrote that he was living in a tent next to the Carney Field runway.  Carney Field was the newest field on Guadalcanal.

Captain Andrews, Lt. Dougherty and their crew on January 1, 1943, shortly after receiving the Air Medal for their participation in the Wake Island Mission.  This is the only known photo of the crew. 
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The Pacific Theatre

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