Above: Russell at about a year old, at the beginning of his grade school years, at 11 and again at about 12.

Below: Russell's grade school class - Chisolm School - 1929
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Like many of the boys who grew up to serve in World War II and most of the boys he knew, Russell grew up on a farm.  His farmhouse  was at the Southwest corner of NW 150th and Pennsylvania Ave., the present day site of Epworth Villa.  He attended a one-room schoolhouse and  wore overalls during the week.  He walked dirt roads to and from grade school with his sisters, Hazel,and Margaret and had chores to do before and after school.  On a given morning he might have to gather eggs or milk the cow.  To learn more about farm life in the 1920's and 1930s visit these links.
While these links reference farming in Nebraska they  provide a good picture of daily life for anyone growing up on a farm in the Great Plains during his childhood.  You can also visit this site for information specific to
farming in Oklahoma.
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